North Oxfordshire Green Party says "More Points Please"

North Oxfordshire Green Party launched a campaign to get more EV (electric vehicle) charging points installed in the Cherwell region on Saturday 10th March.

After receiving a lacklustre response from car park operators in the region to a letter requesting that more charging points be installed, the party is asking local residents to sign a petition if they’re in favour of more EV charging points. The petition can be signed online by visiting the North Oxfordshire Green Party’s website. Once the petition reaches 1500 signatures, they’ll present it to Cherwell District Council and trigger a council debate. The party is calling for at least 5 charging devices of appropriate charging speed, each able to charge two EV’s concurrently, to be installed in all large car parks in the region.

The campaign was launched at 11am in Bicester by Robert Nixon, North Oxfordshire Green Party chairperson. He was joined by Green Party members and supporters from Banbury, Bicester and Kidlington.

Nixon said:

“Cherwell desperately needs more EV charging devices to ensure its charging infrastructure isn’t lacking compared with other regions. One of the factors that can put people off buying a more environmentally friendly vehicle is worries over where they’ll charge it. Helping to alleviate this concern will go a long way to making the decision to buy an EV easier for consumers.”

“Driving an EV not only helps drivers by being far cheaper to run than the internal combustion engine alternatives, it helps everyone and the environment by helping to reduce air pollution in our towns. EVs aren’t just for cities; they’re also suitable for rural areas like Cherwell and this should be reflected in the provision of charging points.”

Written on March 17, 2018